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In April of 2013 Shoreline Marine Fabrication won the tender bid to design, construct and supply a seven metre jet boat and trailer for the Western Australian Water Police operations in the Peel Region. The jet boat is required to service the WA coast up to five nautical miles offshore in moderate to heavy sea swells as well as in shallow inland estuaries.

The design of this boat has taken into consideration the function and duties of the Water Police and the necessity to operate within, inland waterways and offshore environments. The hull design is a moderate surface piercing monohedron with a soft entry fairing to a 15 degree dead rise body. The hard chine provides lift and deflects spray. This combination of features allows a compromise between good performance and handling, a soft ride and a “dry” boat with good seakeeping. Shoreline Marine Fabrication is working closely with the inspecting officers of the Peel Water Police to ensure that this vessel meets their requirements and welcomes regular inspections by their officers to assess the progress of the build and to listen to their feedback for additional requirements and refinements they require. In particular, Shoreline Marine Fabrication has customised the vessel and its trailer to suit the storage facilities at the Mandurah Marine Operations Centre. The vessel and trailer are being built to comply with all necessary legislation including the Western Australian Marine Act 1982 and the USL/NCSV code, as they apply to a class 2C non passenger vessel of less than eight metres in length, as well all applicable motor vehicle legislation, Australian Design Rules and the Vehicle Standards Bulletin necessary for the trailers roadworthiness.