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Type of Vessel 19.4M Fast Lobster Boat
Home Port Cervantes WA
Designer Steve Bruyn Bruyn Design
Length Overall 19.4 Metres
Beam 5.2 meters
Draught 1.45 meters
Max Speed 30.5 Knots
Cruising Speed 26 Knots
Fuel capacity 4000L
Fresh Hold Capacity38 Baskets


A workhorse day boat, this 19.4m aluminium rock lobster vessel was built to meet the owner’s business needs, to withstand daily in-out trips which rack up the miles. The economic hull design was a compromise between a vessel that rode well and to give the owners a top speed of 30 knots. The hull is designed for its sweet spot and efficiency to be at half load condition, at which it spends most of its time and is capable of cruising at 26 knots or 50% engine load (1650rpm) 19.5 knots.

This is the first vessel the owners have built in 12 years. Functionality of the boat is typical of the owners extremely focused attention to detail, with the working deck and its components laid out to exact dimensions as requested for maximum efficiency. The owner was heavily involved with the design of the vessel. Without taking anything away from any of their previous 40 new boat builds, this is by far the best boat they believe they have built in terms of both design and build.

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“It really showcases the quality of people Australia has to design and build a 60 ft boat with a propeller that can do in excess of 30 knots. The vessel has lived up to all expectations. I’ve had some very good boats over the years but the whole build process on this one has been pain free and the designers have met all our needs. The quality of workmanship is a credit to the builder and the trades people who worked on it, should take a bow.”