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Type of Vessel 18.3M Fast Lobster Boat
Home Port Fremantle WA
Designer Mark Ellis Marine Design
Length Overall 18.3 Metres
Beam 5.2 meters
Draught 1.50 meters
Max Speed 27 Knots
Cruising Speed 22 Knots
Fuel capacity 6000L
Freshwater Capacity 200L

The client of this purpose built 18.30 metre fast lobster boat had years’ experience operating within the lobster fishing industry and was specific around his ideas to make a boat that was more efficient and better suited to lobster fishing than previous boats he’d owned. One requirement was a slightly narrower beam. For years WA fishermen have been demanding boats where six pots could lie flat in the bottom layer of the pot stack. Our clients view was that taking 0.3 metres off the beam would have benefits for the performance that would outweigh any loss of deck area.

The 3412 Caterpillar takes this 18 metre fast lobster boat to 27 knots at 2,100rpm, and cruises at 21.5 knots at 1,750. Calculations indicate that the average fuel consumption will be 38 litres per hour over a season, which makes the owner smile.

Fuel capacity is large at 6,000 litres giving the option, when fishing south, of extra days without refuelling. The rest of the time displacement can be lowered by only partial filling.

The design maximised the available deck area, and the 134 pot entitlement is absorbed in eight rows with abundant room to spare. The client says 150 would be no problem.

The client also wanted a higher, almost like a wheelhouse on top of the wheelhouse. Or, to put it another way, a structurally enclosed fly-bridge. This was built in fibreglass, to remove the expense of periodic repainting.

One of the reasons for the design was to give a high eye point giving better vision, especially when working reefs. The other was storage space. From the engine room bulkhead forward below deck, and what would otherwise have been the wheelhouse, all is available for ropes and floats.

For a commercial fishing boat it is actually immaculately fitted out with a very high standard of joinery, but apart from the driving position contains only an L-shaped lounge. Which is all that is needed for her normal work and reflects a WA trend towards removing unnecessary frills from lobster boats.

On the other hand, should the boat be sold out of the industry the design offers plenty of opportunities for conversion.

Note: This boat was built by Brad Moseley and his team whilst under his Directorship at IMAX Marine.

REFERENCE: Information quoted from Professional Fisherman article. Published December 2004. Written by Mike Brown.


“Just beautiful in use. This is such a good boat – really top class tradesman ship…”

Peter Stanich