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Type of Vessel 10M Patrol Vessel
Home Port Mandurah WA
Designer Allseas Design
Length Overall 10.4 Metres
Beam 3.25 meters
Draught 0.5 meters
Max Speed 41 Knots
Cruising Speed 25 Knots
Fuel capacity 600L
Freshwater Capacity 50L

In May 2014 Shoreline Marine Fabrication was awarded the contract to design, construct and supply two 10 metre  coastal/inshore mono-hull patrol vessels to the Western Australia Police.     The two vessels were built to replace two 8.5 metre rigid inflatable police boats as specialised purpose built coastal/inshore patrol vessels.  They will undertake a variety of tasking in the specialised range of inshore policing requirements under all weather conditions, functioning in circumstances and conditions most vessels would not experience.   Our design for the 10M Patrol vessels incorporated the latest developments in hull design which would give improved speed, efficiency and operator comfort at sea.     The design for the 10M Patrol vessels enable them to match the Cygnet V in seaworthiness and are able to maintain search and rescue operations alongside the bigger vessel in adverse sea conditions.   The 10M Patrol vessels include an innovative fender system, a first of its kind in Australia. This award winning fender concept is the latest trend in the marine industry internationally, particularly in Europe, and has not yet been used in Australia until now.  The innovative fender system is far superior to existing fender systems and offers the WA Police superior performance, custom perfect fit, long service life, fenders that are light, strong and flexible and offer no downtime and less servicing required due to leak proof fenders.   The Cygnet V, together with the 10 metre patrol vessels mean that the WA Police has three of the most advanced and up to date vessels possible in Australia.    The critical parameters of the design were;

  • Quality construction and design to ensure operational endurance.
  • Stability on scene command in response to search and rescue.
  • Endurance for specialist support to coastal regions.
  • Visibility within the cabin area for search, rescue and berthing.
  • Manoeuvrability in and around vessel traffic within major aquatic events.
  • Sea going capability for targeted coastal patrolling.
  • Deck area for conveyance of Police staff/Police divers and prisoners.
  • Internal layout to provide efficient work/storage area.
  • Berthing and rafting up without damage to vessel.

The vessels comply with all relevant sections of the Western Australian Marine Act 1982, as amended, and the Code, as amended, as they apply to a class 2C vessel operating up to 20 nautical miles (NM) of a coast radio station.  The vessels are both equipped and surveyed as a class 2C vessel with a crew of two (2) persons and six (6) special personnel.   The first of the two vessels was handed over to the WA Police in January 2015 and is based at the Peel Water Police.   The second vessel was handed over in March 2015 and is based at the WA Water Policing operation in Fremantle.   Click on the published articles to view further details.